Difference between coated Polypropylene woven bags OPP laminated PP woven bags
Polypropylene woven bags, besides storing goods, can also prevent the inside products from moisture and water. There are 2 types of PP bags that perform well the above function: coated PP woven bags and OPP laminated PP woven bags

Flexo printing process on jumbo bags
Currently, there are many types of printing technology to choose from with their own advantages and disadvantages. Flexo printing technology (roll flexo printing) is increasingly proving its position in the printing industry. Being applied in many large printing factories, allowing printing on many materials of paper, plastic, silver, etc.

Reliable FIBC supplier for fertilizer container bag
Fertilizer container bags or FIBC bags for fertilizer are produced by interweaving PP fibers in two directions. This helps the fertilizer bulk bags have higher durability and load capacity than bags made of other materials

Facts about PP container bags
PP container bag, also known as jumbo bags or big bags, is a type of Flexible intermediate container bag (FIBCs) made from woven PP fabric. With the development of modern technology, PP bulk bags are designed with many designs and colors to bring many benefits to businesses

Understanding the features of bulk bag with coating
Bulk bag with coating or coated FIBCs is one of the best waterproof packaging, widely used in industry and agriculture. This bag is made from woven polypropylene material, mainly milky white or transparent.

Cheap Antistatic FIBC
The Antistatic FIBC is made of woven fabric that dissipates charge without needing to be grounded. These bulk bags are manufactured to eliminate the electrostatic charge that can form in the FIBC bag during the loading and unloading of goods.

Input materials of big bags 1000kg
Big bag 1000kg is manufactured from PP resins to store many bulk goods including rice and cement in large volumes without deforming the packaging, making transportation, handling simpler. In some cases, FIBC jumbo bags can be customized to suit the customer’s applications

What do you know about bulk bag discharger?
Bulk bag discharger is special equipment to discharge goods out of the bag quickly and easily. The most suitable FIBC for this equipment is a spout bottom big bag. This bag is made from woven polypropylene (PP) with white or beige color. Jumbo bags were quickly used by a wide range of companies to store and transport powder and granular products.

Learn more about duffle top bulk bags
Duffle top bulk bags are FIBC bags used to store and transport many different products in the form of granules, powders. This type of FIBC has long accounted for more than a quarter of the proportion of goods shipped around the world, becoming the fastest-growing packaging

Where to buy quality PP woven printed bags
Packaging printing is considered a factor that creates a brand for a business. Therefore, businesses should pay attention to choosing good materials, using printing methods with eye-catching and impressive content to attract the attention of customers. This is also an extremely successful marketing strategy applied by other businesses.