Information about sand bulk bag
Sand bulk bags are manufactured from polypropylene as the main material, combined with advanced weaving techniques producing Jumbo bags of various dimensions to suit the needs of different construction materials. Due to being made from polypropylene, the sand FIBC bags are extremely strong and durable, withstanding shocks during transport.

Learn more about FIBC super bag printing materials and technology
Material and printing technology of FIBC super bags is always a matter of concern for many businesses to ensure the safety of their goods. Jumbo Bag is a very large bag used to carry bulk materials, even small products such as construction sand, cement, fertilizer, grain...

How to improve the lifetime of PP woven Jumbo bags
PP woven jumbo bags are woven flexibly to suit different needs and applications. Therefore, this bag is usually very large in size to store different types of products from minerals to fine powders.

Where to buy bulk bag with coating
Where to buy bulk bag with coating are currently interested in by many businesses. Woven polypropylene bulka bags are now gradually becoming an essential item of many industries, this product possesses many preeminent features to meet all needs in transporting and storing goods.

Information about FIBC Bulk bag for flour
FIBC bulk bags for flour are now commonly used in industry to store and transport flour in the food industry. Bulk Bags are produced in a variety of designs such as duffle top big bags, FIBCs with discharge bottom, jumbo bags with flat bottom...

Things you must know about sling jumbo bags
Sling jumbo bags, also known as sling big bags, are widely used for storing and exporting agricultural products and cement. Along with jumbo bags, Sling bags are one of the most ideal and cost-effective packaging solutions for transporting and storing goods

Top 3 popular industrial bulk bags
Industrial bulk bags are large capacity packaging with high strength, specialized to contain, store and transport goods in the industry at loads from 500kg - 2000kg. The application of heavy duty bulk bags makes the process of storing goods easier and faster. This advantage helps the industrial fields develop strongly

History of High Quality 1 Ton Big Bag
High Quality 1 Ton Big Bag is made of large woven polypropylene (PP) fabric, with or without a moisture-resistant PP coating. Woven fabric is completely manufactured from virgin PP resin and color additives, ultraviolet absorbers,...

How much is a Woven bulk bag?
Woven bulk bag, also known as woven jumbo bag, is a large capacity bag widely used in the bulk packaging and transportation industry. “How much is a Woven bulk bag?” is a question that many people are interested in. This is also one of the factors affecting the purchase of this product by many businesses.

Reputable supplier for high quality 500kg jumbo bag
500kg Jumbo bag, also known as bulk bags 500kg, is a popular FIBC bag with high applicability in many fields. The product is used to store products with a weight not exceeding 500kg