Top 1 bulk bags aggregate in Vietnam
At construction sites, bulk bags aggregate are always indispensable parts. It acts as an effective solution helping workers increase their efficiency and working speed. This is also one of the main products that have made the reputation of the EEP Viet Nam brand. If you have any questions about this product, please follow this article for more information.

Experience in buying suitable jumbo bags for your applications
Currently, there are many types of jumbo bags with different safe working loads and dimensions on the market. However, to buy the right FIBC bag for your application is not easy if you do not understand its uses.

EPP Vietnam provides cheap and quality u panel fibc bag
U panel fibc bag is a special kind of industrial packaging, which has grown strongly and gradually gained popularity in recent years. The bag can be sewn normally or sewn overlock with siftproof, depending on customer requirements. The bag is usually designed with a U-panel body to strengthen the bottom of the bag and withstand large loads as it doesn't have to sew the bottom.

Are cheap PP woven bags waterproof
As a business owner, how do you keep your products safe and dry during storage and transportation? Cheap PP woven bags are chosen by many businesses to pack large quantities of dry goods and pharmaceuticals. Moreover, it is chosen for packing food to serve import and export needs.

Where to buy cheap quality PP woven bags
Where to buy cheap quality PP woven bags? This is one of the topics that many businesses are interested in and searching for. Currently, importing and exporting goods is increasing for economic development.

The most popular types of jumbo bags
Jumbo bags also known as FIBC bags, is Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers. This line of bags is used to transport a variety of products from cement, soil, sand, ore, lime... to food and grain. They have different sizes and designs depending on their intended use.

Where is the best place to buy cheap quality FIBC bags
Where is the best place to buy cheap quality fibc bags is a common problem that many businesses are finding. When economic activities are active again, the demand for FIBC bags or fibc bulk bags increases to serve the needs of storing and transporting goods.

The best quality big bags company today
Big bags company is the top search keyword on social networks. This is not unusual when the customs port is reopened after being strongly impacted by the pandemic. So which company provides jumbo bags to meet the needs of customers? You can find the answer right in this article with us. 

Fibc products creates export momentum to the world
Currently, Vietnam's FIBC industry has achieved impressive growth of 15-20%. Packaging products of Vietnam keep up with world trends, stabilize the domestic consumption market, and export. The growth potential of Vietnam's packaging industry is very large in the coming period.

Jumbo bags for cashews and best storage tips
In 2021, Vietnam's cashew industry be negatively affected due to a labor shortage affecting production workers in the whole industry. High transportation costs and congestion at seaports also cause these difficulties.