What factors affect the quality of canvas tote bags bulk?
Currently, canvas tote bags bulk have become popular thanks to their usefulness in the transportation and production of most industries including agriculture, chemicals, and other industries. All over the world, jumbo bags are called FIBC - Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers. This is a large size packaging that can hold from 500kg to 2500kg, and contain, store and transport goods to different places without being damaged

Growing demand for Type D maxisaco
After a period of time when the epidemic affected production, many businesses have now resumed operations with the "new normal" policy. Many experts believe that this is the time for the economy and import-export to develop strongly. Therefore, the demand for bulk bags is also increasing. There are four types of FIBC bags used for electrostatic control including type A big bags, type B FIBCs, type C conductive bags and type D antistatic bulk bags.

Benefits of using FIBC Garden Waste Sacks
Vietnam and many other countries have strengths in agriculture and forestry. Especially, the model of growing fruit trees to serve the needs of export-import is extremely developed. Every year, gardeners in Vietnam provide a total fruit production of about 12.6 million tons on a total area of about 1.14 million hectares

The secret of baffle big bags or Q bags
In order to ensure product quality, during the process of lifting, transporting, and arranging in the warehouse, it is always necessary to keep the square shape of bulk bags.

Top 5 Super sacks of rubber mulch worth buying today
Super sacks of rubber mulch are commonly used products in the rubber import and export industry. Rubber mulch is an organic material derived from rubber tree wood that is thinly sliced and crushed into small-sized particles.

Some notes when designing Woven polypropylene bulk bags
Woven polypropylene bulk bags are large-capacity packaging used to store many different goods such as agricultural products, flour, cement, and fertilizers. Jumbo bags are often used to serve the export of goods to foreign countries. Using FIBC bags to pack these materials not only improves the handling process but also reduces transportation costs. That is the main reason why many businesses choose Fibc container bags

What is the difference between laminated FIBC bags and bulk bags with Poly liners?
Laminated FIBC bags are flexible container bags that are increasingly used in industries for storing and transporting goods. These super sacks are coated with PP or PE film to increase moisture resistance and waterproofing. Besides coated big bags, many manufacturers also design jumbo bags with inner Poly liners (PE liners), which are very suitable for the food and pharmaceutical industries

Interesting facts about container bag with spout
Container bag with spout or spout top and discharge bottom FIBC bag is used to carry and transport a variety of products. On the market today, customers can have a number of different options when buying jumbo bags for their applications

Price of container bag for industry in 2022
What is the price of container bag for industry in 2022? Have you got the answer yet? If you are still wondering how to find the price for bulk bags,

A good supplier for canvas tote bags bulk in January 2022
What is a good supplier for canvas tote bags bulk in January 2022? Do you have the answer to the above question yet? If not, please refer to our article which will help you find the best supplier of FIBC bags in 2022.