The most prestigious bulk bags wholesale supplier
The most prestigious bulk bags wholesale supplier today can only be EPP VietNam. EPP specializes in manufacturing high-quality, durable  FIBC bags and providing innovative packaging solutions.

Lined super sacks protect your goods more safely
Lined super sacks also known as jumbo bags with liner have an extra poly liner inside the outer PP bag made from PE plastic (polyethylene) to shield and separate the product from the outside environment

What are FIBC bags uses
FIBC bags uses (jumbo bags) is a trend that many businesses are responding to save costs, time and labor force. FIBC bag is very light in weight and easy to operate in the automation process, therefore, it not only saves manpower but also speeds up the work schedule.

Polypropylene woven sacks and things you don't know
Polypropylene woven sacks or big bags can replace most of the containers on the market. This packaging makes it easier for you to operate, improves efficiency, and saves a lot of labor, packaging costs and storage space

What do you know about silage jumbo bag
Silage jumbo bag is a specialized FIBC bag that ferments corn stalks as animal feed. In addition, some products such as elephant grass, bagasse, and soybean residue are also put in jumbo bags during fermentation.

Prestigious and quality FIBC manufacturers
Do you know where reputable, quality FIBC manufacturers are? All industries need to use packaging to pack, store and transport their goods. Especially for large enterprises, it is necessary for large-capacity packaging to make storage and transporting goods in the warehouse more convenient

FIBC market prepares for growth opportunities after the pandemic
The FIBC market is gradually improving in technology to meet the market's requirements, willing to participate in the "race" of the global supply chain. It is forecast that the packaging market will get better thanks to many developed countries that have reopened their economies after deploying the COVID-19 vaccine on a large scale

FIBC industry in the "new normal" period
The FIBC industry is a supporting industry for many businesses with different production models. At the same time, it plays an important role and contributes to economic development. However, the raging Covid-19 pandemic has had a mixed impact, both positive and negative, on packaging businesses.

The best supplier for quality type a fibc at good price
Type a fibc is composed of PolyPropylene (PP) woven fabric and other insulating fabrics. This type of bag does not have the electrostatic protection offered at the time of manufacture. Therefore, they should not be used to store or transport flammable materials, especially in explosive environments.

Things you need to know about super sacks with liners
Super sacks with liners are used when storing ultra-fine powder, liquid goods that need food safety. This is a type of packaging made from good quality PE plastic material to have the best tensile strength. PE liner is in the form of a large tubular bag with a width of over 150cm (2 layers or the width after splitting is 300cm).