Lined super sacks for the export market
Lined super sacks are convenient and cost-effective bags that protect goods from damage. At the same time, this type of bag also ensures that the goods are transported to the destination completely without being broken or torn. This is a specially designed jumbo bag with a PE bag called a Poly liner

Super sacks of sand are cheap or expensive
Super sacks of sand are widely used packaging to preserve and transport this construction material. So what are the benefits of using these jumbo bags to store sand? What is the big bag company that provides quality products at an affordable price?

How to avoid wasting money on choosing bulk bags of compost
Compost or Organic fertilizers are widely used in modern agriculture. They not only help improve crop yields but also do not adversely affect the ecological environment and humans. It is necessary to find the most suitable and safe bulk bags of compost in order to utilize their full potential

The most popular big bags rice today
Big bags rice are often used to store and export rice. In addition, sacks are also used to store agricultural products such as rice, corn, coffee, pepper, cashew ... If your business is in need of good quality bulk bags for rice, do not ignore this article.

What are the features of PP super sacks for coffee beans?
PP Super sacks for coffee beans are manufactured by special standards to ensure safety during storage and transportation. If not stored properly, coffee will be easily damaged, spoiled, or lose its characteristic flavor. As a result, choosing the ideal packaging to maintain the coffee quality is extremely important for every business

Best-selling super sacks for sale 2022
Super sacks for sale are the most preferred by customers, suitable for packaging and transportation goods, especially cost optimization. This line of FIBC bags is increasingly popularly in storing and transporting materials in the era of industrialization and modernization

What are the features of the jumbo bag loading system
The Jumbo bag loading system is the most complete system for automatic filling goods inside big bags in combination with the net weighing bulk bag system. This automatic filling machine is used for packing goods with a large capacity coordinating to perform maximum operations at the same time.

Reasons why businesses should choose FIBC packaging
FIBC packaging is a very popular packaging solution for businesses because they are made of high-quality materials, with many outstanding advantages and low prices. FIBC bags are often used in storing and transporting bulk goods.

Popular types of FIBC bags for flour 
Wheat flour production is an important field on the market, making a high contribution to Vietnam's agricultural export turnover. Choosing quality flour packaging is one of the big issues that many businesses are interested in.

U panel bulk bags and their special features
​​​​​​​U panel bulk bags are different from tubular big bags, they are sewn together from 3 different pieces of PP fabric. Depending on the customer's request, the jumbo bag 1 ton can be sewn normally or overlock, with sift proof. U-panel Bags are often used to store powder, raw materials, and chemicals. The U-shaped design makes the bottom of the bag more durable due to the connection between the side panels and the bottom of the ba