Black/Silver soil cover for stawberry production

Black/Silver soil cover for stawberry production
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Black/Silver soil cover produces high-quality strawberries, practices such as mulching and irrigation are essential.

10m ~ 3000m
Material :
100% PE
Width :
0.4m-6 m
Length :
100- 3000m
Color :
Country of orgin :
Treatment :
UV treated
Supply Ability
1 day :
10000 rolls

Black/Silver soil cover for stawberry production

✅ To produce high-quality strawberries, practices such as mulching and irrigation are essential.
✅ Being made from high-quality PE, our mulch film can withstand any weather conditions, which makes it have a better control effect on soil temperature and humidity.
✅ By preventing light from reaching the ground, this film inhibits the growth of undesirable plant

Black/Silver soil cover for stawberry productionBlack/silver soil cover, also known as “mulch film,” has become a popular choice for strawberry growers seeking to enhance yield and quality while minimizing labor and environmental impact. This innovative material combines the benefits of both black and silver film, offering a unique solution for strawberry cultivation.

Black/Silver Soil Cover Benefits:

Weed Control: The opaque black film effectively blocks sunlight, preventing weed growth and reducing the need for manual weeding. This saves time and labor, allowing growers to focus on other crucial tasks.
Soil Warming: Black film absorbs solar radiation, warming the soil and promoting earlier plant growth and fruit ripening. This can be particularly beneficial in cooler climates or during early spring planting.
Moisture Retention: The film acts as a barrier, reducing evaporation and conserving soil moisture. This is especially important during dry periods, minimizing the need for frequent irrigation and conserving water resources.

Silver Film Benefits:

Reflective Properties: The silver side reflects sunlight, reducing soil temperature and preventing overheating, which can damage delicate strawberry plants. This is particularly valuable during hot summer months.
Pest Control: The reflective surface disrupts insect behavior, deterring pests like aphids and whiteflies. This can help minimize pesticide use and promote sustainable pest management.
Benefits of Black/Silver Soil Cover Combination:

Optimal Temperature Control: The combination of black and silver sides allows for precise temperature regulation. The black side warms the soil during cooler periods, while the silver side provides shade during hot weather, ensuring optimal growing conditions for strawberries.
Increased Yield and Quality: The controlled environment created by the mulch film promotes healthy plant growth, leading to increased yields and improved fruit quality. Strawberries grown under black/silver film tend to be larger, more uniform, and have a longer shelf life.
Reduced Labor Costs: The weed control and pest management benefits of black/silver film significantly reduce labor requirements, saving growers time and money.

Installation and Maintenance:

Black/Silver Soil Cover is typically laid out over the prepared soil, secured with stakes or clips. Planting holes are made in the biodegradable mulch films to allow for strawberry planting. Regular watering and monitoring are essential to ensure optimal plant health.

Environmental Considerations:

While black/silver film offers numerous benefits, it’s important to consider its environmental impact. Choosing biodegradable or recyclable film options can minimize plastic waste and promote sustainability.


Black/silver soil cover provides a valuable tool for strawberry growers, offering a range of benefits that enhance yield, quality, and efficiency while minimizing environmental impact. By carefully selecting and managing the film, growers can achieve optimal results and contribute to sustainable strawberry production.

Black/Silver soil cover for stawberry production


Material 100% Virgin PE
Length 10m ~ 3000m
Width 0.4-6m
Color Black/ white/ silver
Type Agricultural plastic film Black/ Silver Mulch film , anti grass mat
Usage Mulch Ground Cover
Package Rolls with paper tube inside +outer with PE liner +label
Certificate ISO 9001:2008
Thickness 6micron –100 Micron
MOQ 1000KG
Treatment Anti UV



Black/Silver soil cover for stawberry production

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Packaging & Delivery
1 roll :
Rolls with paper tube inside +outer with PE liner +label
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