Balck silver biodegradable agricultural mulch film

Balck silver biodegradable agricultural mulch film
1,000 Pieces
10,000 Pieces
100,000+ Pieces
1000 Pieces ( Min Order )

biodegradable agricultural mulch film

10m ~ 3000m
Material :
100% PE
Width :
Length :
100- 3000m
Color :
Treatment :
UV treated
Industrial Use :
Vegetables, anti-weed, strawberry, cabbages
Supply Ability
1 day :
10000 rolls

Biodegradable Agricultural Mulch Film

Biodegradable agricultural mulch film offers a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic mulches, breaking down naturally in the soil and reducing environmental impact. Here’s a breakdown of the installation process:

1. Preparation:

Soil Preparation: Ensure your soil is well-prepared and free of debris. Tilling or disking the soil to a suitable depth promotes good drainage and root development.
Irrigation: Adequate irrigation is crucial for successful mulch film installation. Water the soil thoroughly before laying the film to ensure good contact and prevent air pockets.
Weed Control: Control existing weeds before laying the film. A pre-emergent herbicide application can help suppress weed growth.

2. Film Laying:

Unrolling: Unroll the biodegradable agricultural mulch film across the field, ensuring it’s laid out evenly and without wrinkles.
Overlapping: Overlap the edges of the film by a few inches to create a continuous barrier. Use biodegradable tape or clips to secure the overlaps.
Anchoring: Secure the biodegradable agricultural mulch film to the ground using biodegradable stakes or pins. These should be spaced every few feet to prevent the film from blowing away in windy conditions.

3. Planting:

Planting Holes: Use a specialized tool or a sharp knife to create planting holes in the film. The holes should be large enough to accommodate the plant roots and allow for proper growth.
Planting: Carefully plant your seedlings or seeds through the pre-made holes. Ensure the roots are well-covered with soil and the plants are properly spaced.

4. Maintenance biodegradable agricultural mulch film:

Watering: Water the plants regularly, ensuring the hdpe mulch film doesn’t impede water flow. Drip irrigation systems are ideal for efficient water delivery.
Weeding: Regularly monitor for weeds that may sprout through the film. Remove any weeds manually or use a targeted herbicide if necessary.
Monitoring: Keep an eye on the film’s degradation process. The film should break down naturally over time, releasing beneficial nutrients into the soil.

5. Post-Harvest:

Removal: After harvest, the biodegradable mulch film should have mostly decomposed. Any remaining fragments can be incorporated into the soil, further enriching its fertility.
Important Considerations:

Film Type: Choose a biodegradable agricultural mulch film suitable for your specific crop and climate. Consider factors like degradation rate, UV resistance, and water permeability.
Environmental Conditions: The degradation rate of biodegradable mulch film is influenced by factors like temperature, moisture, and microbial activity. Ensure the film is compatible with your local environment.
Cost: biodegradable agricultural mulch film can be more expensive than traditional plastic films. However, the environmental benefits and long-term soil health improvements can offset the initial cost.
By following these steps, you can successfully install biodegradable agricultural mulch film and contribute to sustainable farming practices.

Balck silver biodegradable agricultural mulch film

Balck silver biodegradable agricultural mulch film

Balck silver biodegradable agricultural mulch film

Material 100% Virgin PE
Length 10m ~ 3000m
Width 0.4-6m
Color Black/ white/ silver
Type Agricultural plastic film Black/ Silver Mulch film, anti-grass mat
Usage Mulch Ground Cover
Package Rolls with paper tube inside +outer with PE liner +label
Certificate ISO 9001:2008
Thickness 6micron –100 Micron
MOQ 1000KG
Treatment Anti UV

Balck silver biodegradable agricultural mulch film



Balck silver biodegradable agricultural mulch film


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Packaging & Delivery
1 roll :
Rolls with paper tube inside +outer with PE liner +label
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